Thursday, July 16, 2009

Litter problems along Brea Canyon Road!

Brea Canyon road, by no doubt, is one of the funnest and most scenic roads to drive along in Orange county. However, there is a big problem along this road, LITTER! For as long as I can remember, Brea Canyon road has had litter problems. In recent times however, it seems to have gotten worse. Along Brea canyon road, there are sofas, parts of an old Jacuzzi, bottles, and various other piles of trash dumped along their and never cleaned up. There was a sofa dumped there several years ago and when I called to complain about, guess what cal-trans does? They bury it with dirt! Cal-trans very easily could have hauled away the old sofa, and it's not like they would have had to drive very far to do so, there yard is located at the mouth of Brea canyon road! What makes matters even worse is that the City of Brea, Diamond bar, or Rowland Heights (all cities in Brea Canyon), have no regular litter removal program. This, I believe should be changed, especially with all the taxes every CA resident dishes out each only to have it spent on frivolous things. 

These photos show SOME of the litter:

 Here on the left is the half buried sofa, it is located just after the bridge, on the right when you are coming from Brea Blvd.

This pile of trash is located off Brea Canyon road, in front of Nieto & sons trucking, it looks like someone decided this would be a good spot to dump their crap, scumbags.

Well, that's it for now anyway, hopefully the City's will implement a program to keep Brea Canyon road clean, I haven't had very much luck calling the city of Brea.

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