Thursday, July 30, 2009

Traffic accidents along Brea Canyon Road (and tips for safety)

Brea Canyon Road can be one of the most fun roads to drive along, yet one of the most deadly. Each year several people lose there lives along this road. Driving along, you see small white crosses dotting the landscape of Brea Canyon offering us an eerie reminder to drive safely. Even if it is not a deadly accident, a car accident will block Brea Canyon road and will cause it to back up onto Central ave and will cause havoc with the entire traffic situation in Brea, so please remember to drive safely. Back in the 90's my neighbors sister was killed after she careened off Brea Canyon road after a night of drinking and partying. She was discovered the next morning, dead, when the Brea fire department was on their patrol of the road. She was only in her early 20's and this could have been prevented had she have had a designated driver and proper guard rails been installed. I also know first hand that Brea canyon rd. is very dark at night so many times, an animal such as a coyote or deer may try to cross, the best thing is to slow down and not try to swerve for the animal. Another problem is that the guard rails along Brea Canyon rd. have reflectors that become un-reflective over time due to graffiti or dirt getting on them, so please use caution around turns. Never drink and drive. Living adjacent to Brea Canyon rd, the sound of sirens are not uncommon.